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Livestock attacks and worrying is the phrase used when a dog attacks or worries livestock animals in rural and farmland areas. This crime usually takes place in the countryside and is a particular problem when dogs, even those that are well trained, are off their leads or are roaming without an owner or person in charge with them. In doing so, they often scare or attack livestock animals. Whilst many owners are unaware of the impact their dogs are having on livestock, it is their responsibility to ensure attacks and worrying don’t happen. They should ensure their dog doesn’t disturb or attack these animals, otherwise there are consequences under the law if it does occur.
The Dogs (Protection of Livestock) (Amendment) (Scotland) Act 2021 came into force on 5 November 2021 to tackle the issue of out of controls dogs attacking and worrying livestock. Under this law, the term “livestock” is wide ranging and includes cattle, sheep, goats, swine (pigs/boars), horses, camelids (alpacas/lamas), ostriches, farmed deer, enclosed game birds or poultry. Police Scotland have already received a number of reports of livestock worrying in your local area so more education is needed.
PC Laura Evans, Argyll and West Dunbartonshire Partnership and Preventions Officer said,
‘It is important for dog owners to be aware that livestock are valuable assets and any harm to them could significantly affect the livestock owners livelihood.
‘There’s a number of things dog owners and walkers can do to reduce the chances of their dog committing a livestock attack or worrying crime.
‘When you are out with your dog, be wary of your dog approaching other animals. Try to stop your dog coming into contact with livestock. Remember, in the countryside, it may not always be obvious when animals are around so remain vigilant and remember, that it’s your dog, your responsibility.’
National Farmers Union Scotland in partnership with Argyll & West Dunbartonshire Police Division have a quantity of fence post-ers that have been designed to educate dog walkers on their responsibilities when walking in areas where livestock are around. This is particularly important at this time of year as many sheep are pregnant and due to lamb. The fence post-ers can be displayed using a pin or staple onto a fence posts and are waterproof.

The fence post-ers also advice dog walkers on the increase in fine of up to £40,000 and up to 12 months imprisonment if they are found guilty of livestock worrying or a livestock attack.

If you have livestock in fields that are used by dog walkers or you are involved in a community group or take part in activities such as a hillwalking, running, cycling or other sports and would like to assist in displaying these fence post-ers please get in touch either with your local police where these can be posted out to you (contact or with NFU Scotland (contact

These are also available at most country stores and fee merchants including Argyll Animal Feeds in Sandbank, Croots in Sandbank, Harbro in Lochgilphead, Reid and Robertson in Balloch and Carrs Billington in Oban. If you have a local business and would to like to promote this please get in touch.

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