Working Groups & Projects

Our Community Documents and Resources Uploaded on June 26, 2023

A Vision for ‘Our Place’ – WE NEED YOUR HELP!

(For more info on the workstreams, click here – Working Groups and Projects – Phase 3)

Using your feedback from the successful Cove & Kilcreggan ‘Our Community’ survey and workshop, a vision is beginning to develop for the special place we live and work in.

We are now on route to designing – as a community – an ambitious plan for our area that will help agencies, the Council, individuals and potential funders understand what we want Our Place to be:

An inclusive, prosperous area, steeped in heritage yet looking to the future, deeply connected to and respectful of the surrounding water and land: a sustainable, thriving place to live, work and visit.

Your key priority areas from the survey and engagement results (see the report here) were identified and matched against criteria such as funding streams, producing the following initial projects:

  • Environment (which may include the coastline and marine area and cover everything from litter-picking to waste water problems; biodiversity; climate change; sustainability; energy efficiency)
  • Kilcreggan and Cove villages ; recreation, sport & place (which may include paths & trails, sport, place – including the pier and parking – and heritage)

We need your help!

We would like to set up two working groups to initially explore, develop and take action around these priorities, with a view to creating more groups covering more areas in the future, and we need volunteers to get involved.  You may, for example, be interested in being in a community climate action plan group, applying for funding to improve local paths, or creating a more formalised group to help look after the beach area.  Nothing is too big or too small if it helps improve our community to the benefit of everyone!

Let us know if you would like to join one of the workgroups above (there will be others set up in the future) by emailing We’ll then organise a meeting to discuss this further, understand what you’d like to get involved in and where we can help.